About Action Against Hunger and our Fight Against Climate Change

Action Against Hunger action for climate change

Artificial intelligence in the Sahel

When the project was launched, in collaboration with the European Space Agency, the idea was simple: use remote sensing to monitor the state of the biomass (grass for pastures) in real time and thus guide the region’s breeders to the best grazing areas.  

Recently, in collaboration with the World Bank and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundationwe recently expanded the system’s coverage area and improved its algorithms to include high-resolution images of surface water and biomass

We have collected important questions for the 107 sentinel sites in the five countries (Mali, Niger, SenegalMauritania and Burkina Faso) where information is collected every 10 days (animal health statuspasture status, etc.). 

Action Against Hunger action for climate change

One man one tree in Nigeria

In Nigeria, in Yobe State, recurrent droughts have had a significant impact on both agricultural production and the environment² and consequently on family food security. In this state where more than half of the 3.5 million inhabitants¹ are in need of humanitarian assistance, finding sustainable solutions is an imperative. 

One of the methods used to combat desertification in a sustainable manner is forest plantingTrees contribute to the environment by producing oxygenimproving air quality and climateretaining water, preserving soil and contributing to the healthy development of wildlife. 

Action Against Hunger action for climate change

Resilience programs in Chad

In Chad, the project aims to strengthen women’s resilience to climate change in Kanem province and raise awarenessWe are setting up environmental clubs with a “Triple E” approach (Efficient Environmental Education), climate change training, and climate radio broadcasts.

At the same time, activities in agro-ecology and agro-forestry are carried out (reforestation of areas in the process of degradation), as well aincome-generating activities.

Action Against Hunger action for climate change

Above-gound agriculture in Ivory Coast

In Ivory Coast, we are setting up a quality and environmentally friendly above-ground agriculture area. We are training 60 young people in above-ground micro-gardening techniques, and supporting the development of local short circuits.